Aid digestion with a natural supplement for good gut health.

Do you suffer from stomach pains, skin allergies, or a loss of appetite? NZ Fulvic optimises your health with vital nutrients and minerals that positively support healthy digestion, weight loss, and more energy.


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How does NZ Fulvic help with improving your health?

Fulvic is a naturally occurring substance that was originally intended to be consumed through plants, vegetables, and other foods grown in the soil. It’s imperative for good health. However increases in the number of chemicals used in the growing of crops means your body goes without and suffers as a result.

NZ Fulvic’s unique bio-absorption properties aid in restoring and supporting good gut health, improving your body’s access to essential nutrients and minerals. It also aids in digestion, improving the ratio of good to bad gut bacteria, lessening inflammation, and helping with bloating as well as constipation.


NZ Fulvic recharges and reinvigorates, delivering a natural energy hit that gives your body that little bit extra.


Unique bio-absorption properties support your gut health, aiding your body’s access to essential nutrients and minerals.


Taken daily, NZ Fulvic supports a healthy immune system, and your body’s natural resistance to stress.

NZ Fulvic Testimonials

Basically, the benefits I have seen is increased energy, my eyes are clearer as is my skin. I’ve also noticed that I get less stomach complaints.

Something that has always bothered me in my time here!


We were lucky enough to try NZ Fulvic for the past 10 weeks and are thrilled at the results. It’s detoxifying, speeds up metabolism and aids the absorption of essential nutrients.


Great mornings start like this. NZ Fulvic replenishes our bodies with essential minerals, helping to absorb nutrients, support immunity, increase energy and cleanse the body of toxins.

For the past month I’ve been having a shot of this tonic every morning and have noticed a real difference in my mental clarity and alertness!